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Traditional Market:

Our December 21st 2019 publication highlighted an incoming correction, “weekly retest in savage form” testing “liquidity extremes”. 

Our February 6th newletter highlighted the VXX as a buy at $13, claiming that “VXX is the trade for Q1”
The VXX is currently trading above $60.

Crypto Market:

Several hedge short signals were issued $10,033 and once again at $9204. Here’s how our community performed on the drop.

Our short cover, target was $5300. And our buy back zone was $4700 for BTC, and $102 for ETH.

What are current members saying about us?

Januray 14th, 2020
-R Fetzer 
“I have officially joined the 1,000% club. Next stop is 2,000%.
One major reason I broke through that ROE % was because I finally heeded to something Saber tells me – “pay-tience.” No doubt, I have been my worst and only enemy this entire time.
The other reason was Saber’s phenomenal calls. Their godly indicator suite digitizes Saber’s mad-genius for you to use. It does everything you want it to, short of a back-rub, although I do I believe they are currently working on integrating that as well. And as someone who publishes on Medium, his market correlation analyses are trend-setters, evident by the fact that people love to copy his Medium articles.
 I cannot recommend this group enough. Here’s to starting 2020 with a bang!”
November 6th, 2018


-M Newman
“I’m a father of 4 young kids with a professional job working 50-60 hours a week, and I’m a junior football coach. Time is something I don’t have!
However being able to bounce ideas off each other in this group, and to learn from each other, has helped me to double my bitmex portfolio over the last 48 hours.
I’ve still got a ways to go to recover the losses I’ve made in the crypto world (before finding this group), but what I’ve learnt / am learning / will learn here has got me well in the way and changed my trading.
Just to add, all the trades I’ve made my profits on have been signals by Saber (admin) and other members.
Thanks everyone!”
January 2020,
Still  Coin ObservatoryVIP!


January 19th, 2020
-B Breckenridge
“That bitcoin short covered my membership and a lot more, it’s been a great first week.

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