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Principles You Will Learn

Classical Charting and Chart Patterns
Learn chart patterns from George Saber, our founder.

He is exceptionally well versed in hunting formations. His entry points tend to be at the extreme retests lows and highs of formations confirmation levels.

Saber announced market bottom utilising chart patterns in April 2019, and gifted the community long entries on futures at $3,855 for the 2019 bull-run.
Fibonacci Levels and Indicators
You will learn Fibonacci retracements and extensions.
Learn to use the highly profitable extension failure points to refine your trading and gain edge over the market.

Confirmations at Fibonacci levels are achieved by the effective use of indicators, such as the DMI, MACD, CMF, ADX, Volume indicators, MFI, as well as our proprietary in-house indicators.
Elliott Wave Principle
Our team boasts the legendary Analyst “Magic E”.
Through the wave principle he grew his Bitmex account from 0.1BTC, to 18BTC.

Learn from and trade alongside Magic, as he updates Margin charts. Get your questions answered and reviewed in real-time from our team, as well as follow theirs.

Join our community and access our realtime live signals, analysis updates, and start your profit journey today!

Start earning and learning today! 

Divergences and MDRP
Cam B, “Bear Force 1” our oscillator specialist. Among his teachings are divergences and Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Point.

Learn to find the most hidden divergences using discrepancy reversal points. MDRP is the least known and most profitable aspect of momentum oscillators.

In 2019 Cam shorted September futures at $13,000 for a %6,000 ROE
Harmonic Patterns
Learn How to trade Harmonic Patterns!

Our team has created the first and only harmonic scanner for TradingView.

We take the guess work out of trading harmonics with a proprietary scanner that locates the patterns for us.

Analyse all charts on all time frames for scalps, swings, and day trades.
We will teach you how to approach markets like a professional.

Learn the power of hedging, longing swing lows, shorting swing highs, and securing range profits.

This technique has allowed us and our community to protect our portfolios, as well as capture major price swings for large returns.

We’ve Helped Countless Traders Like You

Trade Big Swings For Life Changing ROI

What Makes Us Different?

Hedging and Exposure Management

Learn how to hedge with our team and start managing your positions like a  professional.

Harness the power of trading futures contracts, and start hedging your bets.
Many traders lose often due to trading with a directional bias.

Our team will teach you how to trade with no bias, and how to use a small portion of your profits as “insurance” against your positions and portfolio.

Diversified Specialists That Teach You How To Trade

Gain edge while learning from specialised analysts.

When different strategies give the same readings, that establishes confluence and edge. That’s the reason our team is diverse, and why we employ several strategies to beat the market.

Learn the strategies and become the top trader you aspire to be!

We Hunt Opportunities Across All Markets

Trade “Opportunity” is our motto.

Our team and community aim to diversify their capital in several markets. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, as well as stocks, indexes, and commodities.

From leveraged futures, to spot trades, and the mega profitable Options. Learn to diversify so when the opportunity is prime you can strike fast and book profits!

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