Coin Observatory Algos

Custom TradingView Indicators For Market Technical Analysis

Coin Observatory Algos

Custom TradingView Indicators For Market Technical Analysis

Our Proprietary Indicators

Built By Today's Technicians For Tomorrow's Markets


Swing, scalp, hedge, market make, all in one.

A Coin Observatory Algos exclusive strategy and trading system! Phantom script helps you identify key reversal zones where liquidity is high. Using Phantom is simple, long the proper dips, short the right tops, and pay attention to the midlines. 

Easy to read entries and targets, that will counter-trade liquidity for big returns! To learn more click here.

phantom script bitcoin price chart

XABCD Scanner

Its a gartley, its a butterfly…its a Harmonic Scanner for Tradingview!

You’ve heard of Harmonics? Our XABCD Scanner identifies all the popular patterns. 

Simply apply the pattern scanner, choose your pattern size, and start trading these elusive patterns with confidence.

coin observatory alogs harmonics xabcd pattern

Relative Breadth Index

The last momentum oscillator you’ll ever need!

Momentum oscillators can be hard to read, but not RBI.
Our oscillator will help you find oversold signals, overbought signals, bull traps, bear traps, divergences, and trend signals.

The best part? It’s leading not lagging!

The Suite

Get the best of all worlds!

Our indicators work great standalone. But if you’re looking for the ultimate edge in today’s tricky markets, combine all 3 and start reading charts better than your favorite market wizards. 

coin observatory algos bundle suite phantom xabcd relative breadth index


These indicators are exclusively designed for TradingView. Customize them how you like and use them on any timeframe!
You will get our preferred settings and can definitely experiment with your own, as well as change colors, shapes and placement to your liking!


Future Updates

Our team is constantly working on updates and refinements. We use our systems in our daily market interactions, and so does our support and trading community. And that’s where the improvements come from, performance and ease of use!


Community Support

Need help? We and our community are around the clock 24/7.
Join our discord and connect with others using these indicators to better navigate the market. Comparing your charts and findings with our team and community members is super easy!


All Asset Classes

Find the best entries and exits on whatever you trade, and never miss an opportunity.

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Who We Are

Coin Observatory was established in 2018 to build trading systems for hedge funds, over the years we decided to help the small fish instead. Now we cater to the retail investors and individual traders. 

Our goal is to make beating the market a simple and consistent process, linking high probability and profitability into an easy-to-read chart.

Our algorithms and indicators are designed to simplify sophisticated trading systems. Start trading like a professional and leave behind the retail mentality.