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Coin Observatory is headquartered in San Juan, PR, yet our team boasts members, analysts, and advisors are operating from around the globe. From the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, to Sacramento, Montreal, and Seattle. Our team comes with experience not only from Digital Assets, but from venture capital, fund management, private equity, and capital markets. Our mission is to help limit client exposure and increase profitability.

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The Team:

George Saber | Founder
Technical Strategist

 2100% Portfolio ROI in 2017.

2018, Saber helped navigate the correction, calling for a Crypto Market exit when Bitcoin was at $12k, and announced a large short position using futures. 

2019, March 31st, Saber published that the crypto market was headed for new beggining. After having previously signaling a buy back at $3800, and long September future sat $3855 BTCUSD using 25x leverage.

Saber also was first to publish on the incoming Gold Bull run of 2020. 

FXStreet.com Cryptocurrency Analysis Contributor
Momentum Swing Trader, specializing in strategizing and predicting bull runs. Saber also mines Ethereum and Decred, and has a knack for finding the next top gainer.

“I take pride in developing proprietary technical strategies, by combining various indicators, modifying them, and back-testing them on various time frames and various tokens, markets gave made me financially and geographically independent.”

Andre Crabb | Co-Founder, Coin Observatory Algos

André earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. His resume boasts companies like Amazon, Apple, and Pandora, among others, where he was responsible for delivering user-facing apps. Creating beautiful, simple to use applications and tools is his specialty. You’ll get it when you see how sexy our indicators are!


Craig Olson | Senior Analyst

Technical & Fundamental Analyst, Zero is an early adopter of crypto. Hedging specialist, and Technical Guru. Zero also owns several Masternodes and is a long term crypto investor.

During the 2018 bear market, Zero was able to generate $90,000 in profits on a falling BTC/USD.

Zero has dialed in his strategies and they include early coin Fundamental discovery, to homing in on Technical cycle reversals on some of the most volatile tokens

Cameron Bursztynowicz | Senior Analyst and Mentor

Our youngest prodigy, once a subscriber now on board our team as a mentor. 
Cam we refer to as “Bear Force 1”. 

He executes legendary short positions at market highs using futures, and holds them through expiry. 

July 2019, Cam short sold Bitcoin at $13,000 on 100x leverage using Septemeber futures. Upon expiry he netted a %6000 ROI. 

Matthew Hatton | Web Admin

Aerospace during the day, development cowboy at night!
Matty’s role is somewhat secretive.

Neil T. Lindquist | Legal


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