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Ranked Number 1 Discord Trading Community

Ranked Number 1 Discord Trading Community

The Best Crypto Signals On Discord (Altcoins and Bitmex)



This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

Yes. We heard you, and yes we have to accept that some of you just don’t get it going with Telegram channels. We read every email we get, and there have been many requests to create a post similar to our crypto signals on Telegram/Bitmex signals post for the Discord platform. I put a few weeks of time in the research and writing of this article, and I hope it will help you to find a “community home” on Discord.  You can open a beer or brew a coffee now, sit back and read about my Discord journey – it is a long and hopefully insightful read. I’d be happy if y’all enjoy it and make the right decision based on my research and end as satisfied customer cashing in and growing your bankroll.

To be honest with you, I do (did) not use Discord very much and was not really warm with it in the beginning, but our readers dictate the content we produce, so I was researching for good Discord servers hosting crypto and bitmex signals which are initially crafted by the provider and from excellent quality. Guess what? This was not an easy task to do! While I liked how many of the servers organized their content in channels, I found nothing but fake results bragging and leaker channels. These have been the worst: shady groups fed with wrong signals or signals which came just way too late burning the accounts of poor guys that wanted to save a bit. If they complain, the kick is near.

However, I liked the ability to organize content in segments, which is a big plus of Discord against Telegram where you have many channels floating up and down, though the missing availability of quality was a problem for me writing this article. I had to search with a magnifier to find and bring you reliable channels – it was the much-quoted needle in the hay. I asked friends, asked the community, audited so many channels and wasted a lot of time until I left without a goodbye. Even a scammer thought he could make it in this post. I was like “oh darn, this is going to be a life challenge” – though, as always in life, if you are putting much energy into something, you can harvest the rewards at some point. Suddenly, I found a handful of channels which are GOLDEN beneath all the dirt. And now you can hopefully profit from my painful work.  Let’s get amazed with Discord and get some juicy crypto signals!

Table of Contents:

  1. Welcome to the world of Discord
  2. Crypto Discord Servers: Hand-selected and stress-tested Crypto Signal Groups
    • #1 Coin Observatory (Altcoin & Leverage Signals/Big Gains/Professional Traders/Active Trading/Mentorship)
  3. Conclusion

Welcome to the World of Discord

A Crypto Signal Discord Server and its Structure
A Crypto Signal Discord Server and its Structure

Discord is a free and secure chat tool which the elder ones among us might not yet be familiar with. It is a popular platform, mainly used by gamers and gets much love by teenagers nowadays – and as we know, they often show us the path of the next big thing. In crypto, it got its first run back in the days of the ICO frenzy, where using #Slack was the common sense at first.  Due to ongoing security issues, the community switched almost completely to Discord. It allows text, voice and video chats, which makes it a great tool to get in contact with each other, is perfect for gaming and for fan communities to get in touch with each other. Discord separates in servers (instead of running a Telegram channel you run a Discord server), and these “servers” are split into several channels to lay out up the different topics of it in a tidy and organized way. This in combination with, e.g., Video Chats, can be very helpful to provide cryptocurrency signals, educational live trading sessions, and many other use cases. From the technical base, this platform is perfect for crypto groups.  Discord comes with several apps for browsers, Android and iOS devices.

How the messaging platform Discord is used for Crypto Signals

The rapid adoption of cryptocurrency has resulted in an influx in cryptocurrency creation. Today, there over 1600 coins and tokens in circulation all over the world. With their widespread appreciation in value and stature, more coins and tokens will continue to be introduced into the market. While more coins mean increased usage and acceptability, it also provides a massive challenge for investors and traders to identify coins that are worth their investments. To counter information flooding, crypto-communities have turned to messaging-platforms to share and aggregate information.
One of the emerging platform used by many communities is, well, Discord. Discord is a free, secure and multi-platform VoIP messaging platform designed to facilitate collaborations amongst its users. The crypto-community has been drawn to this platform because of its lightweight nature, low latency, bot integration, and comprehensive moderation tools – and especially the opportunity to structure a Discord server into several channels make it very comfortable for clients of groups that offer more than just simple signals to find what they are searching for.

Trading Signals on Discord

Discord allows the integration of third-party applications that help in managing the communities, called bots. The bots are responsible for collating news items, ratings, price updates, and online chatter. Some bots also conduct fundamental and technical analysis on events and activities using set algorithms. Crypto trading signals are typically generated from a ton of in-depth research, analysis and tracking on different platforms. Contrary to the most Telegram groups, the (legit) Discord groups we found all offer Altcoin Signals as well as Signals for leveraged trading on Bitmex.
Trading signals will usually help traders and investors identify optimum entry and exit points. Additionally, trading signals will help you in setting trade margins, profit limits and stop loss limits. However, trading signals are transmitted in real-time and are mostly accurate for a short period (scalps) or calculated in a longer run (swings). Traders are therefore advised to always uses the most recent data and to stay on top of things when it comes to updates for running trades – as the sentiment can make a turn at any given time.

Caution – Discord is a Pandora’s Box of tons of shady groups

The reason why we hesitated bringing this post up for such long time, is as simple as it gets: We did not find any legit crypto signals groups on Discord. There are several Discord groups focused on providing crypto signals – most of them are leaker groups, that will burn your money sooner or later. Furthermore, there are several other “pump and dump” groups. If you want to signup with some, please do your due diligence first. You should take time to review and evaluate signal providers with a reliable, credible community behind it as well as unique products and features. Happily, after all the search, we found a handful of legitimate and very successful signal providers on Discord.

All Hail Discordia!




Our Hand-selected List Of Crypto Groups On Discord

~SmartOptions.io presents the best discord crypto groups~

Constantly Updated Post

As this post gets much attention by our valued readership, we provide regular updates about the listed channels. Also, we stay in each of these channels to ensure they maintain the quality that made us list them. If we don’t have access to these channels anymore, the quality drops signifcantly or something shady happens, we will delist them from this post immediately.

First off, the preparation process of this article took very long – finding a legit crypto trading discord isn’t easy. I don’t know why, but Discord seems to attract all kind of shady snake oil sellers, and you will find mostly awful leaker channels (I will explain later why this “bargains” will cost you more money than bringing home the bacon). We already had a minor amount of cryptocurrency discord channels for premium channels which are very good and worth to recommend, but most others have been a scam in one way or the other. However, thanks to our amazing community, we found more, checked them, weeded out the semi-good channels, and this enables us finally to provide this list. So, if you like to be up to date with the best cryptocurrency discord s, leave a bookmark for this post and check back later – there might be more to come. For now, let’s start with our Diamond Channels from A grade quality – and, Lord, these boys can trade!


Crypto Signals by Coin Observatory
Crypto Signals by Coin Observatory

#1 Coin Observatory

+++Powerful Trader Mentorship Community with Active Trading Support++

(added 10/2018) ~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance & Bitmex | 24/7 trading chatrooms | Powerful Technical Analysis |  Educational workshops | Fund Management & Institutional Services with Business Intelligence | ICO discussion ~


Holy cow, these guys are fanatic when it comes to trading – this is not your average cryptocurrency signal group  – this is a complete authority pack, which could turn you into a fully-fledged trader if you make use of their knowledge and practice what they teach. In fact, this is the master goal by Coin Observatory, which they follow with their Discord channel – they are about building an army of good traders. According to the channel owner, they already trained some of their customers to a level, that they even added them to their trading team. These guys are real pros and all about education – accompanied by DAMN accurate signals. Hey, this set of insane traders called the recent $RVN move from the bottom to the top! I actually thought the time of this crazy triple-digit jumps is over in the bear market – but apparently not as Coin Observatory has shown with this juicy 200% move. But we reduce the capabilities of  Coin Observatory if we’d talk about some technical analysis and “get in here – get out there” stuff. George, the founder and head trader of Coin Observatory, is a well-known trader, speaker on several conferences, and has recently been proposed by FXStreet.com as a writer. The websites mention signals only incidental as their offering is much bigger than being just a simple discord signals channel – they also run institutional services along with providing Business Intelligence with their custom tool for fund managers – which isn’t offered for retail. They run the BI currently for Lavie Capital Partners in Puerto Rico, a main institutional client and provide the hedging desk to them.

The good thing is, you don’t need the money of a whale account to follow them and get your funds traded – instead you can follow their signals, learn what they are teaching and prolly build up that way if you have enough strength and willpower for that.  They are trading the markets like on a level you always wanted to sit next to, and you can get a glance by following them. The beauty is, that you will understand how traders really work. You will hedge your positions to derisk them, update your positions with trailing stops. You will actively react to what the market gives you if you follow the signals to a T. The educational video workshops (so-called Power Hours) will tell you later why you did this and that to get a better holistic, understanding of how you want to play the markets safely. From our test timeframe, we can confirm: 1. you will get many actively traded signals and 2. you will very much learn yourself if you start your brain engine and keep an open mind. Keep in mind you might need some spare time for this Discord channel, as they don’t offer a get rich quick scheme but in-depth education along with their signals.

The Channels: We have a wonderful example here what channels can achieve by using Discord for their education program and trading signals. I can say Coin Observatory mastered the optimal usage of Discord’s capability for this case. We have a section for the market scans which holds the altcoin signals, regularly trade updates and guidance when to exit a trade – this is pure gold, and you will find knowledge that keeps you always up to date while learning what and why they are taking their steps. Just by actively reading you will gain a basic understanding of how real traders work. Besides the Bitmex channels, there is much more to discover, and one can see right away the strong emphasis on educating their customers in a pro- & interactive way.

Signals Review: As you will see in the example trade below, Coin Observatory is a different kind of channel. They not only source the signals, they actively manage it on their discord channel and give recommendations on how to get the maximum profits out of it (for example by setting up a trailing stop). This is very good for learning how a trader works on his actions – I can only recommend to follow the instructions and ask for the reasoning in the chat, as the chance to learn a thing or two is high. While the altcoin signals are presented very clearly, beginners might be in trouble with the Bitcoin analysis for the #bitmex-long-short channel – here you find ongoing and a very in-depth analysis of what XBT is doing right now. If you search for clear & easy to understand signals this sub-channel is not your first place to go as Coin Observatory trades Bitcoin on Bitmex very differently in an advanced way: they long futures, and hedge their ranges in an attempt to catch the significant swings. Once subscribed you should scroll through the channel #to_the_moon, and you’ll be able to get an idea of how they do the bitmex XBT futures. The group’s philosophy is it to trade less, profit more, hedge and capitalize on volatility, all that while letting stop losses and the market do the rest of the work. The Bitmex channels for altcoins are much clearer to understand in terms of getting signals in a classical way, although they also come with a good portion of background info. If you know already some stuff in charting you might be happy as you will be enabled to understand the trader’s point of view – if you don’t, hey – here is your chance to learn and become a better trader.

Example Trade: Well, finding the right example trade was quite easy with Coin Observatory. Here is the trade, posted on the 16th of October:

See, you usual signal providers would no say – great – all targets reached, brag brag brag. However, the pros might smell that the charts indicate some kind of news or strong fundamentals, and so they updated the post in time with their trade_updates channel. By the use of trailing stop loss, they managed it to make a 100% trade a 200% one – Geezus, this almost felt like December ’17. Active trading really rewards us well here, and Coin Observatory tends, in general, to run trailing stops until they get stopped out. The trading group stays play by play on most of their signal until they see a reversal pattern and signal an exit in the exit channel. It is a great thing that they try to hold everyone’s hand through the big boomers to get the most out of it.

The Results: Coin Observatory provides rock-solid work – this seems to be very clear to me. However, my problem right now is, that I have no final track record for all of their signals which they started issuing in October ’17, as they are currently working on a tool for that. I will update this post, as soon I have more numbers.  But here is what delivered in October: For Altcoins there have been 32 trades with 4 trades which hit stop loss. This equals a strike rate of 87,5%. I repeat this is only for their regular altcoin trades (Bitmex Results will follow soon). The gains represent an account growth potential of  588.26% if you’d taken all the trades and followed the instructions given. This month alone gave us an Account Growth Potential of 252% on altcoins alone. Will update soon with more exact figures though.

Support: This crypto signal discord server is more than just signal, and you can observe this clearly in their multiple chat rooms, which are not only there to clear questions about running trades, but also to teaching you to become a trader.  Coin Observatory is well-known for acquiring their best students/high potentials, and therefore you have a bunch of traders at your fingertips. However, the given support is top-notch and on a very high level. Someone from the trader team is always around to help.

What makes this channel unique: This channel is my personal favorite and top-pick if you want really good signals but also value the education work they put in their community. They are not the cheapest but you buy education along with the trade recommendations. There is so much garbage out there, if you want to start learning to trade. All these nonsense resources will confuse you and leave you clueless. The team here is made of pros and they will take you by the hand through their trades and on your way becoming a trader yourself. The recent RVN example has shown that they are able to read the news before on the chart itself (without knowing the news) and to act accordingly to take the maximum profit with you.


Enroll with Coin Observatory

Discount Codes:
trade smart (10% off / monthly) | SmartAltSeason (15% off / 6 – 12 months)

  • Website: https://coinobservatory.com/
  • Discord Contact: albinomonkey#5909
  • Discount Code: trade smart (10% off) | SmartAltSeason (15% off / 6 – 12 months)
  • Plans & Pricing: 0.025btc Monthly (or $245usd/month, USD recurring) | 0.07 btc 3 month | 0.13btc 6 month | 0.25 Yearly (all -10%, valid only for first purchase)
  • Special Features: Power Hours education – Video Trading, active trading support, Hedging with Bitmex XTB trades,  Mentorship
  • Exchanges: Markets on Bitmex, Binance, Bittrex
  • Results Tracking: -to be added soon-
  • Signals with TA: All signals include a screenshot of the Technical Analysis behind the trade and we also write a brief description on why they are taking the trade. All trades have appropriate Risk to reward
  • Bitmex Signals: Yes, separate Bitmex Channel
  • ICO Reviews / Seed Sale Opportunities: No
  • Trading Timezones: EST, but analyst team is all over the globe. There’s always someone online guiding the community and supporting
  • Free Discord Signals Channel:  https://discordapp.com/invite/evWnaK9

How the paid crypto signal channel looks like:

Enroll with Coin Observatory

Discount Codes:
trade smart (10% off / monthly) | SmartAltSeason (15% off / 6 – 12 months)


Coin Observatory is allowed to use the Trusted Provider Seal
Coin Observatory is allowed to use the Trusted Provider Seal